Nu-Tek System LES001

The software is compatible with Maxi Plus 1, Levator Elite and Maxi Plus 2, it facilitates and expands the user interface and features of Nu-Tek® EMG /ETS device.


  • Designed for therapist tool, to be used for a wide range of physiotherapy applications.

  • Structured protocols for consistency of patient evaluation.

  • Edits newly developed programs to keep abreast of any clinical trials and downloads to Nu-Tek® EMG / ETS device.

  • Data from the Nu-Tek® EMG / ETS device are being sent to the PC/Laptop using the safe USB connection.

  • PC database system for Patients Sessions and Clinical Report that can be analyzed, printed and emailed.

  • Displays EMG as low as 0.2μV and up to 2000μV.

Part Number


Nu-Tek® System

Standard Accessories


Software Installation CD (version 1.0 or above)  1 piece


USB Cable - connects Nu-Tek® devices to the computer  1 piece

000111690User manual (English)  1 piece

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