Maxi Plus 2 LE3100

Professional EMG and ETS device for wide range of applications


  • Combination of three modes: EMG, Electrical Stimulation and EMG triggered stimulation

  • For use in clinic as a flexible device

  • 2.8'' Color display-dot matrix

  • Over 50 pre-set stimulation programs for: Sports, Rehabilitation, Continence, Pain relief and Fitness

  • Custom programs for EMG/ETS ( 1 phase) and STIM (up to 5 stimulation phase) mode

The Basic Parameters
Power supply1.5V AA batteries, 6V
Low voltage warning≤4V±0.2V
Dimensions153mm×75mm×34mm (L*W*H)
Weight200g (without batteries)
EMG: Dual Channel
EMG range0.2 to 2000μV
Accuracy4% of μ V reading, +/- 0.3μV at 200 Hz
Work/Rest periods2-99 seconds
STIM: Dual Channel
Stimulation intensity90V±10V (V max), Adjustable from 0 to 90mA (on 1000Ω)
Pulse width50-450μS (2% accuracy)
Pulse rate 2-100Hz (2% accuracy)
Work/Rest periods1-99 seconds
Ramp time (up and down)0.1-9.9 seconds
Treatment time1-99 minutes
Standard Accessories


Battery(AA) 4 pieces


Lead wire (red) 1 piece

ACC010C004Lead wire (white) 1 piece
ACC010C800Refereance lead wire 1piece


Electrodes (50x50mm) 4 pieces


User manual (English) 1 piece

NT1041.200Vaginal probe 1 piece

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