MagRehab² MA2200

Two Channel Magneto Therapy

This magneto therapy device creates a biostimulation effect on patient that intensifies the oxygen utilization, improves cellular respiration and the tissue metabolism. it also helps to the penetration of all tissues. in addition, magrehab2 offers a wide selection of clinic programs for you to do the treatment very fast and easy.


  • Low frequency magnetic therapy

  • 2 independent magneto therapy channels

  • Preset protocols and therapeutic encyclopedia

  • Optional cart/trolley configuration

  • Patient initiative interrupt switch

  • Elite design for easy carry 

  • Exquisite workmanship

  • Light and high quality

  • Smart touch screen

  • 5'' LCD screen with high speed response

  • Displays in sharp, vivid detail

  • One-touch operation for treatment

  • Control knob with light indicator

  • Pulse frequency 0-160hz

  • Variety of solenoid applicators

  • Modulation of pulse

  • Pulsed magnetic field, rectangular, triangular, sinusoidal and continual

The Basic Parameters
independent channels2
frequency range0-160hz
dimensions258 x 197 x 153mm
power supplyac 100-240v, 47-63hz
preset clinic programs20
user-defined programs100
Part Number
1253311MagRehab2 MA2200
Standard Accessories
1181145Nu-Tek magnet disc
2205002100 Nu-Tek magnet belt
2201132900User manual
3130805600Power cable
Optional Accessories
1253349Nu-Tek magnet bed
1095002Nu-Tek magnet pad
1253347Nu-Tek magnet solenoid 30cm
1253348Nu-Tek magnet solenoid 60cm