ComboRehab² CT2200

Combination of ultrasound therapy and two channel electrotherapy

This unique device allows for easy customization, and support different waveforms. It also contains abundant clinic programs, which contributes to the quick and effective treatment. ComboRehab2 can be expanded with the vacuum module, battery module and 2 channels of electrotherapy and it is portable and delicate thanks to the innovative design.


  • 2 independent electrotherapy channels 

  • one-touch operation for treatment

  • control knob with light indicator

  • Tabletop or optional cart/trolley configuration

  • 1 & 3 MHz ultrasound frequency

  • Pulsed & continuous modes

  • Ergonomically designed sound heads in variety of sizes

  • Waterproof factor of ultrasound head 

  • High voltage and micro current therapy

  • Suitable for combination therapy

  • constant current and constant voltage modes

  • Excellent experience and effect of treatment

  • A complete range of clinical waveforms 

  • Full range of therapy programs

  • Over 80 customer programs 

  • All treatment modes are settable  

  • Patient initiative interrupt switch 

  • Elite design for easy carry  

  • Exquisite workmanship 

  • Light and high quality 

  • Smart touch screen

  • 5'' LCD screen with high speed response

  • Displays in sharp, vivid detail

  • 2 year warranty (Main unit)

The Basic Parameters
Main power:AC 100-240V, 47-63Hz
Dimensions:285 x 197 x 53mm
Electrical safety class:Class I, Type BF
Safety tests:IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-2-5, IEC 60601-2-10
Independent Channels:2
Preset program:62
Max. Intensity of IF:100 mA
Max. Intensity of TENS, Russian, NMS:200 mA
Max. Intensity of Faradic, Galvanic:80 mA
Max. Intensity of Diadynamic:70 mA
Max. Voltage:500V
Ultrasound Therapy
Frequency:1 MHz, 3 MHz
Max. Intensity:3 W/cm2
Pulse Frequency:16 Hz, 48Hz, 100Hz
Duty Factor:10-90%, stepping 10%
ERA1 cm2, 5 cm2
BNR< 5.0
Part Number
1053283ComboRehab2 CT2200
Standard Accessories
1183323Patient interrupt switch
3130805600Power cable
2201132900User manual
1811361Ultrasound head 5cm2
2003321Holder for ultrasound head
2240000006Ultrasound gel 250ml
7100000152Self adhesive electrodes 50x100mm(4x)
7100000081Self adhesive electrodes 50x50mm(4x)
7100100001Rubber electrodes 60x90mm(2x)
7100100000Rubber electrodes 70x110mm(2x)
9051650011Envelope sponges 70x100mm(2x)
9051650010Envelope sponges 80x120mm(2x)
7101000016Stim lead wires(2x)
7200300010Straps 75x1200mm
7200300050Straps 75x600mm
1181149000Combo lead wire
Optional Accessories
1811373Ultrasound head 1cm2

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